About Us

Owned and operated by friends Ashleigh and Marissa, Brides on Hartz was born from their love of weddings, event planning and gorgeous gowns! Their desire to help create the same fond memories they have of their own special days for other brides, coupled with their fierce entrepreneurial spirit paved the way for their bridal boutique’s vision. Together, we strive to provide a superior, individualized experience for EVERY bride. Our simplified and inclusive approach is what sets us apart in this crazy bridal world! Whether you need a ball gown or a suit, a full service, super awesome, coordinating team or someone on the day of to simply make sure your guests get to have their cake

and eat it too we're your gals! Come in, pour a glass of champs and stay a while we'd love to get to know you! 

Meet Ashleigh

Hi! My name is Ashleigh (Bernardo) Carone and from the time I was old enough to hold a wedding magazine I would tear out pictures of wedding dresses to save for my future big day! A few of them my mom might still have! My husband and I are High School Sweethearts and are welcoming our first baby this Summer which happens to be a GIRL! We can't wait to help her find a dress and plan her big day in the future! 

What is your favorite part of a wedding? 

The planning process!! I loved everything about meticulously picking out each and every detail to build my vision. Since I don’t plan on getting married again my favorite part of other people’s weddings is watching the groom’s reaction to his bride coming down the aisle! There is nothing sweeter and sometimes more emotional than that pure, initial reaction to his future wife! 

What is your favorite song at a wedding? 

The first dance of course! There is something so romantic and nostalgic about watching a bride and groom dance to their favorite love song. Not to mention as a guest you get a sneak peek into how they see their love for each other through the song that they pick!

Best Advice for a newly engaged couple... 

Your wedding day is an extension of you! So whatever you love, whatever is most important to you, however you wish to express yourself on that special day DO IT! It also doesn’t hurt to have an impartial designator available to make sure things go smoothly the day of. So find a coordinator to help even just for one day they will become your best friend! 

Favorite lunch/dinner spots in Danville? 

Locanda Ravello, Sideboard Danville, Blueline Pizza 

Best wedding gift to give or receive? 

I love buying gifts for people mostly because I take pride in choosing something I think they will love and I can’t wait to see their reactions when they open them! With that said I always try to lean towards something more personalized. I love the idea of giving couples gifts they can do together especially on their honeymoon! When you have already spent a small fortune on your big day it’s nice to be able to take a trip to the spa courtesy of one of your guests! 

Meet Marissa

Hi! I am Marissa (Parry) Clavin, born and raised in Danville, CA and a proud San Ramon Valley High School graduate! My love for weddings started at the age of 4, when I had my first gig as a flower girl and fell in love with falling in love! I met my husband when we both worked for the Oakland A's but it took 5 years for us to go on our first date. The rest was history, we are now raising two incredible little boys, Logan (3) and Jacob (1) and spend most of our "free" time chasing after them! 

What is your favorite part of a wedding? 

My favorite part of the wedding day, is the first look. Whether that happens at the actual ceremony or hours prior to the ceremony, I love watching these two people see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Even though you have seen each other a million times, there is something about the first look, that feels like you are seeing each other for the first time, it is magical!

What is your favorite place to travel? 

Anywhere, I absolutely love to travel. I went to the University of Washington, so I love being able to visit Seattle and all of its beauty, while visiting with old friends. My husband and I had the privilege of traveling to Costa Rica on our honeymoon and it is by far my favorite place to date; the food, the people and the hot springs... it truly was the trip of a lifetime! Some other favorites include Paris, Hawaii, Mexico and our home away from home, Scottsdale, Arizona.

What is your favorite song at a wedding?

Where do I begin, I love them all and I love a good dance party. I love the songs that bring everyone to the dance floor, including your grandma in her wheelchair, your uncle that swears he is not a dancer or your too cool teenage cousin. I love watching the first few songs after the dance floor is open and watching the pure joy on everyones face, as they celebrate the wonderful couple.

Best Advice for a newly engaged couple... 

Find out what are the most important aspects of the wedding to each of you, as well as your parents, grandparents (or anyone else that might be financially/emotionally involved in your wedding). Sometimes we think that our partner doesn't care but I promise there is something or a variety of things that they care about when it comes to your wedding day, and it is better to find those out sooner rather than later. Make sure those items are all on the table, so that you can make the best decisions throughout the planning process. I would also say that the engagement process is stressful, know and recognize that from the start and make sure that you breathe and enjoy the planning process, despite the stressful moments.

Favorite lunch/dinner spots in Danville? 

Revel Kitchen & Bar, Homegrown and Harvest